Swift Elite 2024 Season

Description: Are you looking to find ways to challenge yourself more in parkour? Designed to fuel the dedication of advanced athletes, our competitive program serves as a source of motivation for those committed to rigorous training.

Disciplines: Athletes can choose their training specialization, opting for either skill/speed competitions or freestyle competitions. 

  • SKILL & SPEED events center around navigating obstacles through activities like running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, and swinging.
  • STYLE competitions prompt athletes to display their acrobatic prowess through moves such as front flips, back flips, and side flips.
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Duration of Season: March 1st – July 5th, 2024. The season will begin with a mock competition, then have weekly practices, 3 Open Entry Competitions, Open Midwest Regional Finals, and Age 14+ Combined USPK National Finals. 

Are Competitions Required: No, competing is not a mandatory requirement. A significant number of students join the program with the intention of either increasing the frequency of their training or pursuing a higher level of training with our top instructors.

Competition Schedule

  • Feb 25 – Tryouts Competition at Swift Movement
  • April 28 Swift Movement Cincinnati, OH
  • May 11 – Kentuckiana Parkour in Clarksville, IN (Louisville, KY)
  • June 8 – FlowSpace Movement Center Avon, IN
  • June 22&23 – MPL Regionals at Swift Movement
  • July 5 – End of Season Party
  • July 11-14 – USPK Nationals (Ages 14+ combined) Location TBD

Program Schedule

Fridays from March 1st – July 5th. Times listed below


  • Attend 1 Team Practice per week on Fridays
  • Attend 1 of the following additional Swift Session per week
    • Instructed Flips, Intermediate, or Advanced Class
    • Private Lesson
    • Open Gym
Friday Practice
Junior 10-13Teen 14-17 & Adult 18+
7-7:30pmTeam Strength & Conditioning
7:30-8:30pm SKILL & SPEED


"Best place ever! I love it. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET IN SHAPE BY JUST HAVING FUN LIKE A KID, THIS IS THE PLACE. Great variety of classes, and amazing facilities. The teachers are fun, and welcoming. Suited for all levels and ages. The all- access membership is worth it, which includes parkour, acrobatics, yoga, acro-yoga, flexibility, aerials, conditioning, adult games, open gym time to jump around and more (check the schedule). Plus you will meet a lot of great and fun people!"
Diana L. -Swift Client

Registration Fees

Payment TypePriceIncludes
Up-Front, One Discipline$600 (SAVE $100)
  • Weekly 30 minute strength and conditioning sessions
  • One 60 minute practice per week, 15 practices total.
  • Unlimited Open Gym Access
  • Custom Elite Team Jersey ($40 value)
  • Swift Training Journal ($15 Value)
  • Two internal competitions (entry fees covered).
  • Specialized instruction from our most experienced coaches.
  • End of Season Pizza Party
Monthly, One Discipline$175 (Total $700)
Up-Front, Two Disciplines $900 (SAVE $200)
  • Weekly 30 minute strength and conditioning sessions
  • Two 60 minute practices per week, 15 practices total.
  • Unlimited Open Gym Access
  • Custom Elite Team Jersey ($40 value)
  • Swift Training Journal ($15 Value)
  • Two internal competitions (entry fees covered).
  • Specialized instruction from our most experienced coaches.
  • End of Season Pizza Party
Monthly, Two Disciplines

$275 (Total $1,100)

Meet the Coaches

Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo

Seth Ruji, is a dynamic force in parkour with over 13 years of experience! Seth, a finalist in SPL’s North American Parkour Championships, soared to fame with his team’s 2nd place finish at the 2019 World Chase Tag Championships. Regularly featured on ESPN and a viral sensation on social media, Seth also brings his expertise as an APK-certified coach, training students from all backgrounds. His philosophy combines discipline and fun, making him a standout mentor and a key part of the Swift Elite Team.

Frank Mejia

Frank Mejia has over a decade of parkour expertise, Frank’s a true master of speed and skill. He’s shined in numerous regional competitions, showcasing his exceptional talent. Here’s something cool – Frank holds the record for the fastest tag in World Chase Tag, clocking in at an astounding 2.4 seconds! 🏃‍♂️💨 Not just a competitor, Frank is also an ESPN regular and a gifted coach, certified by APK. He’s passionate about guiding students from all backgrounds to new heights. Get set for an electrifying journey with Coach Frank on the Swift Elite Team! 🌟💥

Paul Vu

Paul, our new coach for the Swift Elite Team, brings an impressive background to the table. With two competition seasons under his belt and over six months of coaching experience, he’s a powerhouse of knowledge and skill. His expertise isn’t just limited to parkour; he also has a strong foundation in martial arts and is a leader in our Fitness program. This diverse experience allows him to offer unique insights and training techniques, enhancing our team’s overall performance and agility.

Evan Kavanaugh

Evan Kavanaugh is a Certified Parkour Instructor at Swift Movement. He’s a versatile athlete with a rich background in both parkour/gymnastics and traditional sports like football, baseball, tennis, and swimming. Evan started training in parkour during college, seeking a fun and exciting way to stay fit without regular gym workouts. With nearly eight years of coaching experience, he joined Swift Movement Studio after extensive training and now has been actively coaching parkour for over 2 years. Evan’s current aim is to foster the growth of the sport while excelling as a coach, fueled by his lifelong passion for teaching and working with kids. Additionally, he is a professional songwriter, composer, and music producer outside of Swift. Evan’s diverse skill set and dedication to coaching and teaching make him a valuable asset to the Swift Elite Team.


Parkour competitions showcase athletes’ abilities by navigating obstacles in SPEED, SKILL, STYLE, or CHASE TAG. Participating in these competitions allows for challenging oneself, setting goals, and learning within a supportive community.  Experience parkour for yourself and join the fun!

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Jams + Outdoor Meetups


As the weather improves, we will host a few outdoor training session around the city! Including our Spring Leave No Trace Jam April 27th

End of Season Party

adult community games

At the end of the season we will be hosting a party for the team to hang out and celebrate a job well done. 

Tryouts Sunday Feb 25th, 11am-2pm*

Join us for an exhilarating chance to demonstrate your parkour skills and possibly secure a spot on the Swift Elite Team. This is more than just a tryout; it’s an opportunity to experience the essence of competition in a friendly, supportive environment alongside your peers at Swift. Our tryouts are designed to mimic a simple competition format, offering a unique platform for you to challenge yourself and evaluate how well you perform under pressure.

Cost: Free

  • Ages: Open to ages 10 years and older.
  • Minimum Requirement: Band Level 2 to participate.
  • Participants with Band Level 5 or higher can bypass tryouts and directly join the Swift Elite Team.

Join us to showcase your skills and take your first step towards becoming part of the Swift Elite Team!

*We are offering a make up session on Mon Feb 26 from 5:30-7pm

Tryouts Schedule:

11:00 AM – Introduction: A brief overview of the day’s events, setting the stage for an exciting tryout.

11:10 AM – Warm-Up: Get ready for the challenges ahead with a comprehensive warm-up session.

11:30 AM – Skill Challenge: Dive into the skill challenges in a community round with 20 possible moves. Complete as many as you can in the allotted time.

12:10 PM – Speed Setup: Preparation for the speed round.

12:20 PM – Speed Practice: Fine-tune your pace and strategy. Practice will be split based on skill and age groups.

12:40 PM – Speed Round: Show off your speed with two attempts on a single course.

1:00 PM** – Style Practice: Plan and practice your unique 3-5 move combo. If you are only competing in style, please arrive by noon in case we’re running early.

1:30 PM – Style Showcase: Present your combo, highlighting your creativity and flow.

2:00 PM End of Event


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