Top 5 Reasons Why After-School Sports at Swift Movement Are a Parent’s Favorite

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Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Choose Swift Movement for After-School Sports

Brittney T.
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Swift Movement is an amazing place. The coaches are encouraging and flexible. They help each athlete become a better version of themselves. The vibe in the gym is inclusive, supportive, and FUN! I looked around for a LONG time and just kept finding "kid ninja" courses. Those are great, but become very repetitive for the athlete. At Swift, they tailor each experience to the individual. Even in the group classes, the coaches are aware of what each person is capable of and will help the athlete work on making themselves better. Watching my son's confidence grow has been the most rewarding part. If you are looking for a gym, this is the place you want to be. Full body workout, supportive environment, and flexible scheduling makes this the BEST place in the tri-state area

1. Engaging Activities

Swift Movement Studio stands out for its wide variety of engaging activities designed to keep children excited and motivated. We offer an array of sports and fitness programs, including parkour, acrobatics, and strength training. Each session is meticulously crafted to be both fun and challenging, ensuring that children remain interested and enthusiastic.

Parkour, for instance, allows children to explore their physical limits by navigating obstacles in creative ways. This not only builds physical strength and agility but also encourages problem-solving skills as children figure out the best ways to overcome each challenge.

 Acrobatics, on the other hand, enhances flexibility, coordination, and balance, providing a well-rounded physical development experience. 

By offering such diverse activities, Swift Movement ensures that every child finds something they love, fostering a lifelong passion for physical fitness.

Karissa W.
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We did our first class today. My six year old loved it! We ended up signing up for an event the same day. The front desk was super helpful throughout the whole process. This is great place for kids who need a creative physical outlet that isn't [traditional] sports. He is excited for his future classes!
Jennifer J.
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This place is awesome! Getting my son out from behind the screen and instead, challenging himself physically and mentally. We had a wonderful one-on-one session with Frank (the best!) who helped my son identify his strengths and areas he most wanted to improve. Now we're creating a weekly class schedule based on both. Highly recommend. What a unique and exciting way to keep kids active and engaged. Thanks, Swift!!

2. Safe and Supportive Environment

At Swift Movement, safety is a top priority. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that meets all safety standards, providing a secure environment for children to practice and play. Instructors are highly trained to ensure that all activities are conducted safely, and they are vigilant in monitoring each child’s progress and well-being.

Our coaches break down the basic skills, allowing our students to progress onto harder challenges with safety and confidence. This step-by-step approach ensures that children build a strong foundation before moving on to more advanced techniques, minimizing the risk of injury.

The supportive environment at Swift Movement goes beyond physical safety. Instructors and staff are dedicated to creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere where every child feels valued. This nurturing approach helps children build confidence as they master new skills and overcome challenges.

The studio’s commitment to safety and support ensures that parents can feel confident entrusting their children to Swift Movement’s care.

Katie C.
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Swift is a great place for my 10 year old son to get all of his energy out!! He has learned so much, the coaches are encouraging and knowledgeable in teaching my son how to run, flip, jump, land properly and more!
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I have been wanting to learn flips but was scared on my own. I have just started and been to a couple classes and can say this is definitely the perfect place for learning flips safely.
Backflip Spot

3. Development of Personal and Interpersonal Skills

Swift Movement’s programs are designed to foster not only physical development but also personal and interpersonal growth. Through engaging activities and team-based exercises, children learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, communication, and respect for others.

For example, our classes often involve group activities where children must work together to achieve a common goal. This collaborative environment teaches children the importance of cooperation and helps them develop strong social bonds.

 Additionally, the challenges presented in these activities encourage perseverance and resilience, as children learn to push through difficulties and celebrate their successes. 

These experiences contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills needed to thrive both on and off the playground.

Leon N.
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I really love this place and the teachers. I feel like this place and parkour are heavily underrated. In this place you can practice your precision jumps on trainers, getting over fear of heights, and getting parkour buddies.
Elizabeth J.
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My 6-year old twins LOVED it here. In just one session with Coach Seth, I could see my kids practice respect and concentration, while building their confidence and physical strength and agility. Highly recommend this gym and experience...
Kids High Five at Swift movement

4. Professional and Passionate Instructors

One of the key strengths of Swift Movement is its team of professional and passionate instructors

These experts bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to their roles, inspiring and guiding children to reach their full potential. 

Our coaches are not only skilled in parkour but are also APK certified, which signifies a high level of expertise and commitment to the field of parkour. This certification ensures that our instructors are well-versed in the latest training techniques and safety protocols. 

To ensure added safety, all our instructors are CPR certified as well! 

Additionally, a couple of our coaches, Seth and Frank,  have competed internationally in parkour and World Chase Tag, providing students with world-class instruction. 

Their passion for physical fitness and movement is contagious, creating an environment where children are excited to learn and grow. The dedication and expertise of Swift Movement’s instructors play a crucial role in the studio’s success and the positive experiences of its students.

Alana T.
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Friendly staff who really engage the kids in their classes to ensure they are learning and having fun! If you're looking for a great way to get your kids moving, this is it!
Alexandria G.
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My 8 year old goes here and he loves it!! The staff is really knowledgeable and the coach is good with the kids, even the beginners.
Brian L.
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Recently had my son's 10th bday party here with about 15 boys and they all had a great time. Our coaches Paul and Nick were awesome and showed the boys an amazing time. Highly recommend.

5. Community and Inclusivity

Swift Movement is committed to fostering a sense of community and inclusivity

The studio welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities, creating a diverse and harmonious environment where everyone feels included. This inclusive approach not only enriches the experiences of the participants but also teaches children the value of diversity and acceptance.

The sense of community at Swift Movement is further strengthened through various events and activities that bring families together. Whether that be our annual Jams, community potlucks/ game nights, or monthly Nerf Nights. 

 Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s activities by taking advantage of our family memberships and joining classes that run simultaneously with their kids’, keeping the whole family active together. 

This strong community bond enhances the overall experience for both children and parents, making Swift Movement a place where everyone feels like they belong.

Ryan G.
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Just started this. I love it. The coaches are great, funny, and helpful. They also have stuff like pokemon trading night which my brother enjoyed, nerf fights, and my personal favorite event; open gym.
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Incredible Gym with an incredible coaching staff! Super friendly and engaging community that cares about its people! I absolutely recommend swift to anyone looking to get into parkour. It’s also great for the seasoned veterans that want to perfect there practice and have a cool space to train in!
Matthew P.
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I have been to many parkour, tricking, and gymnastics gyms around the country and Swift is by far the best gym I have visited. The gym has everything you would ever need to learn parkour, tricking, freerunning, and freestyle calisthenics with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Swift creates a community that I haven’t seen replicated anywhere else. Finally, for athletes that just want to train, Swift offers the best open gym policy I have seen at a reasonable price.
Cincy Jam


Swift Movement Studio combines fun, safety, professional guidance, and a strong sense of community, making it the ideal choice for after-school sports.

Parents can rest assured that their children are not only enjoying themselves but also growing into well-rounded individuals. 

The engaging activities, safe environment, skilled instructors, and inclusive community at Swift Movement create an unparalleled experience that sets it apart from other after-school programs. 

By choosing Swift Movement, parents are investing in their children’s physical, personal, and social development, ensuring they have a strong foundation for a healthy and active future.

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