Core Values: Cultivating Growth and Community in Parkour


Swift Movement's Core Values

Welcome to Swift Movement, where our mission goes beyond teaching parkour; it’s about building a community where growth, progress, and empowerment are part of our DNA.

At Swift, we’re not just a gym; we’re a supportive and encouraging environment dedicated to helping each person to achieve their impossible. Through our specialized facility, custom-built equipment, and world-class instructors,  we’re striving to create a space that leaves a lasting impact around the world through events like CincyJam and being the home to world class athletes.

Our core values are the guiding principles in how and why we pursue our passions. Learn about how we practice them daily in our classes and events

🌱Cultivate Continuous Growth

In every class, we emphasize learning and development. Our instructors are not just teachers; they’re lifelong learners committed to personal and professional growth. This mindset spills over into our events, where we encourage participants to try new moves, learn from failures, and celebrate every achievement.

  • Swift Skill Band System: Our scalable level system provides a core pathway for parkour development. 
  • Goal Review Sessions: Personalized feedback and goal-setting to encourage continuous improvement.
  • Certifications for Coaches: Ensures our coaches maintain the highest industry standards and expertise. We have an in house certification program and most of our staff have also gone through Certifications with American Parkour and First Aid & CPR Certifications.
  • Ongoing Staff Training: Regular professional development sessions to keep our team at the forefront of parkour training. 
Core Values - Growth


📈Progress over Perfection

Our approach to teaching parkour centers on celebrating every step forward. We understand that perfection is an illusion, and real success comes from overcoming challenges, no matter how small. This philosophy fosters a supportive and motivating environment in our classes and events, where every member’s progress is recognized and celebrated.

  • Celebration of Small Wins: Acknowledging every achievement, no matter the size, to motivate continuous effort and improvement.
  • Feedback-Focused Approach: Constructive feedback is prioritized over criticism, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.
  • Practiced Failures: In our Swift Skill Band system, and our core curriculum teaches ukemi, the art of falling, because being able to safely bail is often more important than being able to succeed.
Core Value - Progress

🤹‍♀️Together in Play and Purpose

From team-building exercises to community events, we create opportunities for members to connect, play, and work towards common goals. Our space is designed to be inclusive and welcoming, ensuring everyone feels valued and part of the Swift family.

  • Group Outing Potlucks: Bringing members together to share meals, fostering a sense of family and community outside of training sessions.
  • Board Game Nights: Encouraging social interaction and fun, reinforcing the bond among members through playful competition.
  • Community Cleanup Initiatives: Participating in “Leave No Trace Spring Jam” and other cleanup events, uniting members in a common purpose to give back to the community.
  • Inclusive Events: Hosting events that welcome all skill levels, ensuring every member feels valued and part of the Swift Movement family.
Core Value - Play

🚀Achieve Your Impossible

We’re dedicated to empowering our community to push beyond their limits. Through personalized coaching and support, we help individuals set and achieve personal milestones, turning the impossible into I’m possible.

  • Small Class Sizes: Ensuring personalized attention and tailored instruction to meet individual needs and goals.
  • Progressions and Regressions Skill Development: Breaking down seemingly impossible tasks into manageable steps, allowing members to build confidence and skills gradually.
  • Individualized Progress Tracking: Monitoring each member’s progress with detailed feedback, enabling adjustments and celebrating every step forward.
  • Celebrating Every Step: Recognizing the significance of each progression and regression in the journey towards personal milestones, emphasizing the value in every part of the process.
Core Value - Achievement

✨Inspire through Action

Our team leads by example, demonstrating the importance of ethical behavior, professionalism, and a positive attitude. We inspire our members to strive for excellence, not only in parkour but in all areas of life.

  • Lead by Example: Our coaches and staff embody our core values in every interaction, demonstrating the impact of ethical behavior and professionalism.
  • Positive Community Influence: Fostering a culture where members inspire one another through their actions, commitment, and achievements.
  • Action-Oriented Learning: Encouraging hands-on learning and experimentation, allowing members to see the direct results of their efforts and perseverance.
  • Ethical and Professional Standards: Upholding high standards in all we do, from coaching practices to community engagement, setting a benchmark for excellence.
Core Value - Inspiration through Action

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