Nurturing a Positive Experience In Parkour: Understanding Negativity Bias

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At Swift Movement Parkour Gym, we believe in the transformative power of parkour for children.  We’re all about creating an environment where kids can thrive, conquer obstacles, and just have a blast moving.

Now, as a parent, you’ve probably noticed that even after an epic parkour class, a tiny bump in the road can bring down the excitement. Maybe your little one got frustrated trying a tricky move. It happens, right? That’s where we dive into the idea of negativity bias.

Getting to Know Negativity Bias

Negativity bias is a real thing, deeply rooted in how we humans tick. It’s when we tend to focus more on the negative stuff than the positive. In the parkour world, this might mean a kiddo fixating on one tough challenge instead of celebrating all the cool stuff they did.

Flipping the Script to a Positive Experience

1. Highlight the Good Stuff: Encourage your child to chat about the awesome parts of their class. What got them pumped? Which skills did they love practicing? By talking up these positives, you help them shift their focus to the good stuff.

Questions like “What was the coolest part of today’s class?” or “Any new skills you’re super proud of?” get them thinking about the wins in their parkour journey.

Positive Experience

2. Realistic Expectations for Growth: Share your own stories of learning and how improvement takes time. Let them know setbacks are just part of the deal and are chances to grow. Remind them that becoming a parkour master, like any skill, happens with practice and effort.

Celebrate the little victories together, whether it’s nailing a tough move or showing off improved coordination. It’s all about building confidence and resilience for the ups and downs of parkour.

3. Make it Personal: Help your child connect with parkour on a personal level. Figure out what they love about it—whether it’s the physical activity, conquering obstacles, or hanging out with their parkour pals.

Attend events together, showing genuine interest in their progress. Be their biggest cheerleader, celebrating not just their wins but also their determination and effort. When they feel supported, challenges become opportunities to shine.

Beyond the Studio: Loving Movement Everywhere

While our focus is on parkour, falling in love with movement isn’t limited to the studio. Encourage unstructured play, letting them explore different physical activities and find what makes them happy. The goal is to create an awesome and supportive space where they feel empowered to tackle challenges and embrace the movement journey.

As a parent, you play a crucial role in shaping your child’s parkour adventure. Understanding and tackling negativity bias is key to building a resilient, motivated, and joy-filled little mover. Together, let’s lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of movement and play!

Inspiration for this blog post comes from Freedom in Motion

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