The BEST parkour training facility in Ohio
Located in Spring Grove, Cincinnati

Kids Parkour
(Ages 4-6)

Parents, love that their little ones learn social skills and structure, and kids beg to come to class because of how much fun they have! Jumping, running and vaulting and more, but in a safe, structured environment with caring, experienced instructors.

Youth Parkour
(Ages 7-14)

Climbing walls, vaulting obstacles and meeting new friends are just the beginning of what your ninja will learn in the Parkour and Flips program at Swift. Watch your child’s confidence and self esteem soar in this ultra unique, super fun classes built just for kids like yours!

Teen Parkour
(Ages 15-18)

Parkour is the perfect activity for teenagers! It gives them an outlet for their unique energy through engagement and gross motor skill activity, and at Swift, they’ll learn to jump, flip, and express themselves through their movement.

Adult Parkour & Fitness

Working out doesn’t have to be boring! At Swift we have parkour, acrobatics, and fitness classes designed specifically to help you have FUN learning new skills so that you have a reason to get in shape.

Personal Training

small group and private lessons available

Private parties

Themed Parkour Parties


summer and day camps

Unique events

Nerf Wars, Dodgeball, and more!


So many kids and adults struggle to find a sport they actually love and will stick with.

That's why our play-based curriculum is packed with fun and thoughtful challenges to keep students engaged & thinking on their toes. Our coaches and customer support team work directly with you to set goals and plan a path to success, keeping a student's motivation high.

Swift's fun & achievement-focused curriculum is what your family's been missing, until now.

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challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6

Cincinnati, OH 45232

United States



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