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Seth Spots Swinging Jump

Physical Skills + Daily Challenges

Our camp offers a highly engaging and physically active experience with an abundance of parkour-based activities and games that will leave kids pleasantly exhausted! Each day, our expert coaches introduce new movement skills and safety techniques, which are then applied in custom obstacle courses and parkour games, creating an immersive and play-based environment for skill mastery. Our action-packed camps include dodgeball, tag, nerf wars, and more, ensuring a thrilling and dynamic experience for all participants.

Playground Tag

Love To Play Again

Parkour's play-focused approach instills a lifelong love for movement in kids and nurtures a lasting athlete's mindset. Children learn that with dedication, practice, and motivation, they can conquer any challenge they set their minds to.

Camp Kids

Creative Outlet

Kids attending our camp have the opportunity to express themselves both through movement and arts & crafts! They can transform cardboard into their personalized Nerf shield, or enjoy tie-dying a t-shirt, all of which contribute to developing their fine motor skills.

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- Ages 7-16
- No experience required
- Structured programming
- Amazing Facility
- Movement-Based Activities

Benefits of Camp Swift


Parkour encompasses a diverse array of movements that can enhance children's strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall fitness. These skills are applicable to everyday life and establish foundational movement patterns that prove beneficial in other sports and activities.

Level Up at swift


Parkour empowers children to conquer physical challenges and obstacles, fostering increased confidence and self-esteem, while also enhancing mental focus and concentration.

Risk Management + Problem Solving

Parkour entails navigating obstacles and challenges with safety and control, fostering the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, applicable to various aspects of life. Moreover, it enables children to learn how to take calculated risks and face challenges, leading to improved overall confidence and resilience.

Upcoming camps

Day camps

day camps run from 9am-3pm
Day Camps offered on Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Some Teacher Work Days.

Seasonal camps

Camps run from 9am-1pm* and include single day and full week options

  • 8 weeks of summer camp
  • Spring Break Camp
  • Winter Camp
All weeks include parkour, games, crafts,  and more. Themes mean there is more of a focus on that topic.
*Aftercare available

Full Week Activities

step vault

Instructed Parkour lessons

Develop agility, balance, control, strength and fundamental techniques for Parkour. Jump, swing, climb, roll, and more!

will backflip

Flips and Acrobatics

Using mats, trampolines, spotting, and step-by-step progressions, kids kids learn how to front, back, and side flip to be able to integrate into creatively combining and expressing their tricks.

Movement Games

Kids have a blast with games inspired by PE classes in school. Take it up a notch in our obstacle course with games like infection tag, dodgeball, real life among us, and more.

Arts and Crafts

Tie dye your Camp T-Shirt, build nerf shields, craft foam weapons, and paint during arts & crafts!

Water Day

Bring your swimsuit because one day of each week we have waterguns, waterballoons, and more to cool off and have a blast . **Summer Only**

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"My kids love coming here. They’ve met several instructors and have very positive things to say about everyone. They have fun every single time they go and come home sweaty and tired! I highly recommend this as a great athletic outlet for kids, especially those who haven’t found their fit in more common sports."
Mary Carol B
Happy Parent

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