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Physical Skills and Daily Challenges

Our camp is very physical, packed with parkour-based activities and games! Kids will be worn out by the time they're done!

Each day, our coaches teach a new set of movement skills and safety techniques. Then we take these new skills and put them into motion via custom obstacle courses and parkour games to help the kids master these skills in an immersive play-based setting!

Our camps are packed full of action, games, dodgeball, tag, nerf wars, and more.

maya tag

love to play again

Because parkour is play-focused, kids build a life-long love for movement and develop a lasting relationship with themselves as an athlete. Kids learn that if they put their mind to it, they can achieve any task with the proper practice and motivation.


creative outlet

Kids will have the opportunity to express themselves both through their movement and through arts & crafts! Whether it's turning cardboard into their own Nerf shield, painting a precision trainer, or tye dying a t-shirt, they'll get to work their fine motor skills as well.

Camp Swift is cincinnati's best choice for a unique camp experience!

Limited spaces - enroll ASAP to avoid being put on the waitlist

- Ages 7-16
- no experience required
- structured programming
- Amazing Facility
- Outdoor play
- Movement-Based Activities

Benefits of Camp Swift

Physical Fitness and Athleticism

Parkour involves a wide range of movements that can help improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall fitness.

These skills apply to everyday life and build foundational movement patterns that help through other sports and activities.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Parkour can help you overcome physical challenges and obstacles, which builds confidence and self-esteem. This can also lead to improved mental focus and concentration.

Risk Management and Problem-Solving skills

Parkour involves moving through obstacles and challenges in a safe and controlled manner. This develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be applied to other areas of their life. Additionally, parkour can help children learn to take calculated risks and challenge themselves, which can improve their overall confidence and resilience.

what happens at camp?

Parkour Lessons

Flip and Trampoline Lessons

Movement Games


Arts and Crafts

What are the different camp themes?


Movement Games


Chase Tag

step vault


Develop agility, balance, control, strength and fundamental techniques for Parkour. Jump, swing, climb, roll, and more!

will backflip

flips and acrobatics

Using mats, trampolines, spotting, and step-by-step progressions, kids kids learn how to front, back, and side flip. In addition, they learn how to creatively combine and express these tricks.

movement games

Kids have a blast with games inspired by P.E. classes in school. Take it up a notch in our obstacle course with games like infection tag, dodgeball, real life among us, and more.

Customer reviews

Families love our summer camp program!

"Our son was already climbing the walls and doing his own kind of "parkour," so we wanted to find a camp where he could try parkour out with actual trainers."

Chase Tag Week

"This was the first time my child went to a camp and was truly sweating and exhausted and sore (in a good way)! I really was proud of him, and I felt like it helped build his confidence. He absolutely loved it."

Chase Tag Week

"Both of my boys said it was their favorite camp of the summer!"

Nerf Week

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my kids bring/wear?

Athletic clothing such as shorts, tshirt, sweats, and closed toe shoes with rubber soles.

Can we visit before enrolling?

Yes! We strongly recommend to get started by signing up for a free trial session to learn about Swift and tour the facility.

  • Book your tour at
  • Call to book a trial at (513)549-4460.

My kids haven't ever done parkour, is that okay?

Absolutely! Our camps don't require any prior experience and will be taken through core parkour moves and will confidently be able to run, jump, and climb throughout our obstacle course!

4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6

Cincinnati, OH 45232

United States



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day camps

day camps run from 9am-3pm
Lunch included!
Day Camps offered on Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Some Teacher Work Days.

seasonal camps

camps run from 9am-3pm and include half and full day options.
All weeks include parkour, games, crafts,  and more. Themes mean there is more of a focus on that topic.
Lunch is included!!!

day Camps

2023 Spring Break Camp

2023 summer camps

June 5th - 9th
June 12th - 16th
June 19th - 23rd
June 26th - 30th
July 10th - 14th
July 17th - 21st
July 24th - 28th
July 31st - August 4th
early bird discounts starting in January!

Welcome to camp! If you need a refund we can give you the full amount as account credit to use towards any future camps or memberships.  We’re happy to help.


Have any questions? Email us at or call at (513)549-4460

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4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6

Cincinnati, OH 45232

United States



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