From Combat to Evasion: Martial Arts vs. Parkour

What is the relationship between martial arts and parkour?

Martial Arts vs. Parkour

Why Parkour Reigns Supreme in Self-Defense


    Martial arts have been around for centuries, with each discipline focusing on different aspects of combat and self-defense. However, not all martial arts are created equal, especially when it comes to real-world situations. In this article, we’ll explore the unique qualities of parkour as a martial art compared to more traditional combat-oriented martial arts. We’ll also look at how various martial arts perform in mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions to understand their effectiveness. Finally, we’ll discuss why parkour may be the most practical and safest option for kids & adults learning a martial art for self-defense.

    Not All Martial Arts Are Equal in Real Situations

    In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), fighters from different martial arts backgrounds compete to prove their effectiveness in real combat situations. Some martial arts excel in MMA, while others struggle. Here are the top three martial arts with a track record of success in MMA:


        • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ): BJJ focuses on ground fighting and submissions. Many MMA fighters use BJJ to control their opponents on the ground and force them to submit.

        • Muay Thai: Known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” Muay Thai emphasizes striking with fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Its powerful kicks and clinch work make it a valuable asset in MMA.

        • Kick Boxing: Kick Boxing uses punches and footwork to evade and strike an opponent. Many MMA fighters incorporate kickboxing techniques into their repertoire.


      Conversely, some martial arts have not performed well in MMA due to their limitations in real combat situations. Here are three martial arts with less favorable records in competitive MMA:


          • Aikido: While Aikido teaches effective self-defense techniques, it often struggles in MMA due to its focus on joint locks and throws, which can be challenging to execute in a fast-paced fight.

          • Kung Fu: Kung Fu’s wide range of techniques can be beautiful to watch but are often less practical in MMA. Fighters may find it difficult to apply Kung Fu techniques effectively.

          • Karate: While Karate has its merits, MMA fighters with a pure Karate background may struggle against opponents with a more well-rounded skill set.

        For a more in-depth comparison between martial arts and their performance in MMA, check out this video.

        Parkour as the Most Useful Martial Art

        Cat Jump in a Parkour Gym

        Now, let’s delve into why parkour stands out as a martial art. Parkour is all about efficient movement, and it focuses on using your surroundings to your advantage. Here’s why parkour is incredibly useful, especially in dangerous situations:

        Evading Attackers: Parkour teaches practitioners to move quickly and gracefully, making it easier to escape from potential threats. The best way to avoid serious injury is not to engage in combat but to get away from danger, especially if your attacker has a knife or swinging weapon. Parkour excels in escape and evasion.

        Natural Disasters: In the face of natural disasters like earthquakes or building collapses, parkour skills can be a lifesaver. Parkour practitioners are trained to navigate obstacles efficiently, which can help them escape hazardous situations.

        Active Shooter Situations: In the unfortunate event of an active shooter, parkour can provide a means of escaping harm. Instead of confronting the shooter, parkour practitioners can use their skills to evade and find a safe exit. Kids who are confident in escaping despite any locked fences or other obstacles in the way have a vital advantage in escaping from an active shooter situation. Escape is always the first best option, Otherwise Hiding is the next best alternative. Fighting should only be used as a dire last resort.


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            In a world where safety and practicality matter, parents should consider parkour as an ideal martial art for their kids.

            Parkour’s emphasis on efficient movement, evasion, and adaptability makes it a valuable skill set in various real-life scenarios.

            While traditional martial arts have their merits, parkour’s unique approach to self-defense sets it apart as the most practical and safest option for kids learning martial arts.

            So, if you’re looking for a martial art that prioritizes safety and practicality, consider enrolling your child in parkour classes – it might be the perfect choice!

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