Bored Kids? Here are 3 Reasons Why Parkour is Great for Them!

Bored Kids

Why is Parkour Great for Bored Kids?

Bored Kids

As your average under-stimulated hyperactive kid, I struggled for years to find anything to hold my attention that wasn’t video games. From dance to intramural sports, I bounced off 6 or 7 different exercise styles since adolescence, but mercifully I’ve finally found one that’s stuck.

I am, of course, referring to Parkour. And here I’d like to list a few of Parkour’s unique aspects that make it so well suited to terminally bored or screen-obsessed kids – like I was.


1. Parkour is Generally Done in Short, Intense Bursts

When one goes for a run, it’s maybe 30 or so minutes of protracted, constant aerobic exercise. Some folks love a consistent task to zen out – not me. An average Parkour ‘line’ is closer to 30 seconds. The catch? Every second is a different task, every task requires explosive effort, and if you find your feet touching the ground more than a split second you’re probably sprinting.

In other words, it’s intense. That might sound daunting to some, but to those craving stimulation, it’s perfect. You fly around for a minute doing all sorts of different crazy stuff, and then you rest. Your mind can wander and daydream a moment before you find your way back to do it again.

This short-burst nature of Parkour is particularly beneficial for kids with short attention spans. Unlike traditional sports or exercise routines that might feel monotonous, Parkour’s dynamic and varied movements keep kids engaged. It’s a constant challenge, and each run or jump is an opportunity to improve. This constant need for focus and adaptation makes it a perfect fit for kids who quickly lose interest in repetitive tasks.

2. Parkour Encourages Creativity

That ‘do it again’ makes it sound like you’re just putting in reps at the gym, but it’s not as simple as that either, because Parkour encourages creativity. Sure, you can do the same line over and over again well after you’ve perfected it, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many Parkour folks actually doing that. Most of them are repeating a challenge until they finally can do it at all, then immediately start making it weirder and more exciting.

You’re finally getting up and over a wall consistently? Time to work it into a pop with a stylish vault to impress some passerby. Best case scenario, you have so much fun expressing yourself this way you forget you started doing this to exercise.

Creativity in Parkour extends beyond the physical movements. It’s about visualizing a path where others see obstacles. This mental aspect of Parkour helps kids develop problem-solving skills and encourages them to think outside the box. They learn to view their environment differently, seeing potential in everyday objects and spaces. This creative engagement can spill over into other areas of their lives, fostering a more inventive and resourceful mindset.

3. Parkour is a Remarkably Practical and Convenient Activity

It can be done just about anywhere. If there’s something in your way – a wall, a picnic table, a fallen tree – chances are you can do Parkour on it. The barrier to entry really is that low. Some days – particularly if you’re on the anxious side like myself – you just don’t feel up to driving somewhere and working out with a bunch of folks in a class. But, it’s not such a hard sell to wander outside and find a bench. Good shoes, workout clothes, gym memberships – all of these things can help you learn Parkour, but at the end of the day all you really need is a bench.

This accessibility makes Parkour an ideal activity for kids and parents alike. There’s no need for expensive equipment or memberships, which means it’s easy to start and maintain. For parents, it’s a relief to have an activity that doesn’t require a lot of logistical planning or financial investment.

Moreover, Parkour’s practicality extends to its adaptability. Kids can practice Parkour alone or with friends, making it a flexible activity that fits into various schedules and social settings. Whether it’s a solo exploration in the backyard or a group challenge at the local park, Parkour offers a versatile and inclusive way for kids to stay active and engaged.

In conclusion, Parkour offers a unique blend of intensity, creativity, and practicality that makes it an excellent choice for bored or screen-obsessed kids. Its dynamic nature keeps them engaged, its creative demands foster problem-solving skills, and its accessibility ensures that it can be practiced anywhere, anytime. For kids struggling to find an activity that holds their interest, Parkour might just be the perfect fit.

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