Parks Perfect for Parkour: Top 5 Cincinnati Hotspots

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Cincinnati, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also a hidden gem for parkour enthusiasts. With its diverse range of parks, from modern urban spaces to lush, expansive greenery, Cincinnati offers a variety of environments perfect for parkour training and exploration. Here’s a look at five standout parks that make Cincinnati a dynamic destination for the parkour community.

Sawyer Point & Yeatman’s Cove

Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Sawyer Point & Yeatman’s Cove offers a picturesque setting with a variety of features that make it a top spot for parkour. The park’s unique blend of open spaces, sculptures, and architectural elements provides an ideal playground for practitioners of all levels.


  • Urban Obstacles: The park is dotted with concrete structures, benches, and steps, offering ample opportunities for vaults, jumps, and precision training.
  • River Views: The scenic backdrop of the Ohio River adds a refreshing ambiance to training sessions, making it a favorite spot for parkour enthusiasts to practice and relax.
  • Events and Festivals: Sawyer Point often hosts events, providing a lively atmosphere and the chance to showcase parkour skills to a broader audience.

Summit Park

Located in Blue Ash, Summit Park is a modern, expansive park that has quickly become a hotspot for the parkour scene. With its cutting-edge design and variety of features, this park caters to both beginners and seasoned practitioners.


  • Adventure Play Area: The park features a state-of-the-art adventure playground with climbing structures and slides, perfect for parkour training.
  • Open Green Spaces: Vast lawns and open areas allow for extensive movement and flow practice.
  • Observation Tower: For those looking to add a bit of thrill, the observation tower offers a unique challenge and spectacular views of the city.

Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Riverfront Park is an urban oasis that combines beautiful landscaping with numerous parkour-friendly features. Located downtown, it’s a vibrant space that attracts locals and visitors alike.


  • Interactive Fountains: The park’s interactive water features provide a fun and challenging environment for movement and agility training.
  • Playgrounds and Gardens: Diverse playgrounds and meticulously designed gardens offer various obstacles and natural elements for creative parkour sessions.

Proximity to Downtown: The park’s location makes it easily accessible and ideal for spontaneous training sessions amid a bustling city atmosphere.

Parks - Smale Park

Boldface Park

Boldface Park, although less known, is a treasure for parkour enthusiasts seeking a quieter, more secluded spot for practice. Its unique landscape and features offer a different kind of challenge.


  • Natural Terrain: The park’s uneven terrain and natural obstacles, such as rocks and trees, provide an excellent environment for natural movement training.
  • Quiet Ambiance: Away from the hustle and bustle, Boldface Park offers a serene setting for focused practice and skill refinement.

Community Vibe: The park’s close-knit community often means fewer crowds and more opportunities for uninterrupted training sessions.

Ault Park

Ault Park is one of Cincinnati’s largest parks and a favorite among the local parkour community. Its vast space and varied features make it an ideal location for comprehensive training.


  • Historic Pavilion: The grand pavilion and its surrounding steps are perfect for practicing precision jumps and vaults.
  • Trails and Gardens: Ault Park’s extensive trails and beautifully manicured gardens provide a scenic backdrop and diverse terrain for all types of parkour movements.

Community Events: Regular events at Ault Park create a vibrant atmosphere, offering opportunities for socializing and collaborative training sessions.

Parks - Ault Park


Cincinnati’s diverse range of parks provides an exciting and dynamic environment for parkour enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for urban obstacles, natural terrains, or a mix of both, the city’s parks offer something for everyone. So grab your shoes, head to these vibrant spots, and experience the thrill of parkour in the heart of Cincinnati.

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