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Experience the transformation at Swift, where kids cultivate self-worth, athleticism, and community under the guidance of skilled instructors in Cincinnati's ONLY parkour and flips facility.


step vault


Develop agility, balance, control, strength and fundamental techniques for Parkour. Jump, swing, climb, roll, and more!


Tricking is a challenging and dynamic form of athletic movement that emphasizes creativity and self-expression through the creation of unique combinations of tricks. It combines elements from martial arts, acrobatics, tumbling, and breakdancing elements. Recommended age 8+

will backflip


Using mats, trampolines, spotting, and step-by-step progressions, kids kids learn how to front, back, and side flip to be able to integrate into creatively combining and expressing their tricks.

Open Gym

Use practice time to improve skills learned in classes, not for leisure or games. During Open Gym, you can complete skill cards for level testing, use all of our equipment, and tumble/trick on our spring floor. Prior attendance required.


Kids have a blast with games inspired by PE classes in school. Take it up a notch in our obstacle course with games like infection tag, dodgeball, and more.

Class Details

The first step to your journey with swift is a 60 minute orientation with one of our instructors. 

  • Day one sign up offer (our best deal!)
  • Water bottle and bag included upon membership enrollment!
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  • Beginner: Develop agility, balance, control, strength and fundamental techniques for Parkour. Jump, swing, climb, roll, and more!
  • Intermediate: Builds on skills you learn from beginner classes, teaches you to weigh mental and physical aspects of the sport, and shows you how to combine harder skills. 
  • Advanced: Builds on skills you learn from beginner and intermediate classes, teaches you to weigh the mental and physical aspects of the sport, and shows you how to combine harder skills.


  • Beginner Youth: 6-15
  • Beginner Adult: 15+
  • Intermediate: 8+
  • Advanced: 8+


  • Beginner: Trial Class Required
  • Intermediate: Completed Level 2 (Grey) #SwiftSkillBand
  • Advanced: Completed Level 4 (Red) #SwiftSkillBand

Summary: A combination of freerunning, tumbling, trampoline, tricking, and more to provide a full approach on how to flip and combine stylistic moves that you can apply in any environment!

Youth ages: 6-15
Teen/Adult ages: 15+

Prerequisite: Trial Lesson Required

Summary: A class focused on fun playing different games chosen by referee/instructor and students! Tag, dodgeball, capture the flag, etc.

Age: 6-15

Prerequisite: Trial Lesson Required 

Summary: Tricking is a training discipline that combines kicks with flips and twists from martial arts and gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from breakdancing. It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of “tricks”.

Age: 6+

Prerequisite: Trial Lesson Required 

Open Gym Sessions

Train on your own or with friends, practicing skills you learned in classes. This time is to improve your skills, not play games or just do whatever.

During open gym you can:

  • Complete your skill card for level testing!
  • Build a more efficient body using our workout area (squat rack, mobility balls, and other fitness equipment)
  • Mini Trampoline or EuroTramp
  • Tumbling/Tricking on the spring floor

Age: 6+

Prerequisite: Prior Class Attendance Required 

This session is available for our students most dedicated to their personal training and growth. 

This session is lightly supervised as it takes place during other classes. You will have limited access to the facility as the classes will take precedence


If you are unsure of your eligibility please email

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my kids bring/wear?

Athletic clothing such as shorts, tshirt, sweats, and closed toe shoes with rubber soles.

Can we take a trial class?

Yes! We strongly recommend to get started by signing up for a trial class to get direct instruction and let our team help guide you to the best options.

My kids don't like sports, will they like parkour?

It’s a familiar scenario – some students don’t connect with traditional sports and end up feeling uninspired, turning to excessive screen time at home. At Swift, parkour feels like a real-life video game! Without the daunting rules and expectations of conventional sports, kids and adults alike explore new ways of using their bodies, thriving as they climb, swing, flip, and more. Witness the blossoming love for play and movement in our students as you read testimonials from students in our gym. Come and see for yourself!

What happens in a typical class?

  1. Dynamic Warm-Up: Our warm ups consist of dynamic exercises to get the joints and muscles engaged. We include a mental warm up to get you alert and prepared for class. Finally including a few exercises to build strength.
  2. Theme Overview: Your instructor will give you details on the theme of the session. Our themes cover different ways to utilize the skills you’ll learn.
  3. Skill Drills: Our professional staff will setup a variety of stations with varying levels of skills for you to try! They’ll give you personalized feedback on how to improve and will adjust the challenges to your level! 
  4. Courses & Games: You’ll explore applying the skills covered in class along with ones you’ve learned in prior sessions through a variety of games and courses.
  5. Level Testing: At the end of each parkour class we have time to work through our #SwiftSkillBand system to help you level up! Tracking progress and growth is a great way to reward yourself and stay motivated!

Still have questions?

No problem! find out more about our trial Class


Usual Drop-in Session: $30
Intro Class: $15
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