Teens Ages 15-18

Parkour, Flips, Tricking, Fitness

At swift, Teens build confidence, strength, and agility with guidance from experienced instructors at Cincinnati's only dedicated parkour and flips facility.

What your kids will learn

physical fitness and athleticism

Parkour involves a wide range of movements that can help improve children's strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall fitness.

these skills apply to everyday life and build foundational movement patterns that help through other sports and activities

Confidence and self-esteem

Parkour can help children overcome physical challenges and obstacles, which can build their confidence and self-esteem. This can also lead to improved mental focus and concentration.

Risk management and problem solving skills

Parkour involves moving through obstacles and challenges in a safe and controlled manner. This develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be applied to other areas of their life. Additionally, parkour can help children learn to take calculated risks and challenge themselves, which can improve their overall confidence and resilience.


Nerf Wars

Every month we hold a 4 hour Nerf night! Pizza, darts, and safety goggles are provided. Participants must bring their own weapons and gear.



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Parkour competitions showcase athletes’ abilities by navigating obstacles in SPEED, SKILL, STYLE, or CHASE TAG. Participating in these competitions allows for challenging oneself, setting goals, and learning within a supportive community.  Experience parkour for yourself and join the fun!

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Community events with Swift include Parkour Jams, outdoor meetups, potlucks, and movie nights. 

Get to know the Swift community even better by spending quality time together just having fun.

What happens during classes?

  • Dynamic Warm up

    Our warm ups consist of dynamic exercises to get the joints and muscles engaged. We include a mental warm up to get you alert and prepared for class. Finally including a few exercises to build strength.

  • Theme Overview

    Your instructor will give you details on the theme of the session. Our themes cover different ways to utilize the skills you'll learn.

  • Skill Drills

    Our professional staff will setup a variety of stations with varying levels of skills for you to try! They'll give you personalized feedback on how to improve and will adjust the challenges to your level!

  • Courses and Games

    You'll explore applying the skills covered in class along with ones you've learned in prior sessions through a variety of games and courses.

  • Level Testing

    At the end of each parkour class we have time to work through our #SwiftSkillBand system to help you level up! Tracking progress and growth is a great way to reward yourself and stay motivated!

Customers reviews

Join our community and get results like these!

"Confidence and strength building through fun movement. Clean and well designed gym for those interested in parkour and acrobatics. Excited to be a part of the swift family!"

Rebecca W

"We heard about this place and finally found time to visit, it was a delight. There are amazing instructors and a fun facility. The classes fit exactly the kind of movement we are looking for to improve our fitness and skills. We signed up for the all-access membership and have not regretted it. UPDATE: After being members for almost a year, this place has really been a joy. The staff are friendly and helpful, encouraging growth at an individual level. I cannot recommend this enough."

Jesse Hughes

"Great place for kids & the whole family actually. My son has been going here for a couple of years. Love this place. The owners are awesome & the trainers are top notch. Great exercise for my son!"

Christy G.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my kids bring/wear?

Athletic clothing such as shorts, tshirt, sweats, and closed toe shoes with rubber soles.

Can we take a trial class?

Yes! We strongly recommend to get started by signing up for a free trial class. 

Information and registration at swift-movement.com/trial

My kids don't like sports, will they like parkour?

We see this often, a kid doesn't click with traditional sports and is left feeling uninspired and gravitating back to screen-time at home. Luckily, parkour at Swift feels like a video game in real life! Without the daunting rules and expectations that come with traditional sports; kids use their bodies in ways they never have before. Kids thrive in our programs as they climb, swing, flip into the foam pit, and more. Watch their inner love for play and movement finally blossom here at Freedom in Motion. Read out testimonials from parents in our gym and see for yourself!

4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6

Cincinnati, OH 45232

United States




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