youth programs

ages 6-15

At swift, kids build confidence, strength, and agility with guidance from experienced instructors at cincinnati's only dedicated parkour and flips facility.

What your kids will learn

physical fitness and athleticism

Parkour involves a wide range of movements that can help improve children's strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall fitness.

these skills apply to everyday life and build foundational movement patterns that help through other sports and activities

confidence and self-esteem

Parkour can help children overcome physical challenges and obstacles, which can build their confidence and self-esteem. This can also lead to improved mental focus and concentration.

Risk management and problem solving skills

Parkour involves moving through obstacles and challenges in a safe and controlled manner. This develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be applied to other areas of their life. Additionally, parkour can help children learn to take calculated risks and challenge themselves, which can improve their overall confidence and resilience.


step vault


develop agility, balance, control, strength and fundamental techniques for Parkour. Jump, swing, climb, roll, and more!

will backflip

flips and acrobatics

using mats, trampolines, spotting, and step-by-step progressions, kids kids learn how to front, back, and side flip to be able to integrate into creatively combining and expressing their tricks.

movement games

kids have a blast with games inspired by P.E. classes in school. take it up a notch in our obstacle course with games like infection tag, dodgeball, real life among us, and more.

Customers reviews

Join our community and get results like these!

"My kids love coming here. They’ve met several instructors and have very positive things to say about everyone. They have fun every single time they go and come home sweaty and tired! I highly recommend this as a great athletic outlet for kids, especially those who haven’t found their fit in more common sports."

Mary Carol B

"My 6-year old twins LOVED it here. In just one session with Coach Seth, I could see my kids practice respect and concentration, while building their confidence and physical strength and agility. Highly recommend this gym and experience. Membership is very reasonable."

Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste

"We heard about this place and finally found time to visit, it was a delight. There are amazing instructors and a fun facility. The classes fit exactly the kind of movement we are looking for to improve our fitness and skills. We signed up for the all-access membership and have not regretted it. UPDATE: After being members for almost a year, this place has really been a joy. The staff are friendly and helpful, encouraging growth at an individual level. I cannot recommend this enough."

Jesse Hughes

"Perfect gym for my kids! They get an amazing workout each time. The instructors really take the time to explain and demonstrate each move. My kids are learning new skills, which is giving them more confidence. The gym offers a stacked class list, which is great for our schedule."

Lisa Cox

"We took our 3 kids (ages 9, 7, 4) to their first trial session last night, and all three of them loved it! Our 4 year old was sad to leave and said he wants to go every day, and our 7 year old thinks Frank (the instructor) is his new best friend. 🙂 Frank did a great job of making them feel at ease for their first class. I was happy to see other girls in sessions as well, which I think helped put our daughter at ease. They are looking forward to going next week!"

Laura Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

Athletic clothing such as shorts, tshirt, sweats, and closed toe shoes with rubber soles.

Yes! We strongly recommend to get started by signing up for a free trial class. 

Information and registration at

We see this often, a kid doesn't click with traditional sports and is left feeling uninspired and gravitating back to screen-time at home. Luckily, parkour at Swift feels like a video game in real life! Without the daunting rules and expectations that come with traditional sports; kids use their bodies in ways they never have before. Kids thrive in our programs as they climb, swing, flip into the foam pit, and more. Watch their inner love for play and movement finally blossom here at Freedom in Motion. Read out testimonials from parents in our gym and see for yourself!

4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6

Cincinnati, OH 45232

United States



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