New to the gym?

The first step to your journey with swift is a 60 Minute Private Orientation with one of our instructors where we will cover the following:
  • Facility Tour
  • Overview of classes and programs
  • 30 minute lesson covering a few fundamentals of our Parkour and Flips classes:
    • Follow the leader and joint rotation warm up
    • Fundamental jumping, climbing, landing, and vaulting techniques
    • Floor is lava courses
    • How to safely work through mental challenges
    • how to front flip
  • An introduction to our progressive leveling system
  • Pricing, schedule, and membership details
  • By completing the trial lesson you will receive:
    • day one sign up offer (Our best deal!)
    • 10 day trial membership

Who can participate?

This orientation class is for anyone, regardless of age or health. We start classes as early as 3, and have students into their 50’s. 
Each session is a private group lesson where to learn about our offerings and give it a try! Please ensure to provide all participants names and ages when completing the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  Our classes are designed for anyone who comes into our facility, even those with absolutely zero experience.  We will teach everything through steady progressions so that you’ll never be pushed too far past your limits.  Our goal is to grow the sports of Parkour and Freerunning as much as we can. We designed our program to be completely accessible to even the most novice participants. We recommend that everyone attend our FREE intro orientation class.  Once you have completed the intro class, the instructor will guide you through the next steps.

Athletic Clothes and shoes are all you need! We recommend shoes with rubber soles rather than foam bottoms. 


Be sure to register in advance and sign the waiver online

Our trial lesson is targeted at ages 5 and up, however we also offer a Pre K Parkour class for ages 3-6. For little ones please contact so that we can help you get started!

The facility is designed prepare you for any environment and provide a controlled learning experience – just as if you were training outdoors.  Therefore, it’s not necessarily a “safe” environment because you will not be relying on padding. It is our job to teach you to keep yourself safe with proper movements and techniques.

Yes! When filling out the form please provide their names and ages and fill out the waiver for all participants. The session is for each group so that we can cater to your needs and ensure we can answer all of your questions in the allotted time. Please ensure that the key decision maker is available in order to be able to get our sign up offer.

Classes will start promptly at the scheduled time.  If you are late for class, you may not be able to participate in that class.  It is up to the discretion of the instructor teaching that class if they will allow you to participate. Typically, if you are more than 10 minutes late to class, you will not be allowed to participate for that session.

Yes, to ensure that the session has spaces available and is catered to you please ensure you preregister. If you have any issues please call or email us

Yes, we have a water fountain and water bottle refill station

Yes, for drop in classes we accept cash and credit. For memberships we only accept credit cards as a form of payment

Membership Benefits

4460 W Mitchell Ave Unit 6

Cincinnati, OH 45232

United States



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