Prepare your child for a lifetime of adventure

Experience the remarkable growth of your children as they flourish in our youth parkour and flips programs. Witness their SWIFT attainment of essential developmental targets, alongside the nurturing of worth, athleticism, and a sense of community.


  • Play Safer

    As they navigate obstacles and challenges, children learn to assess risks, make quick judgments, and adjust their approaches. This fosters adaptability and a growth mindset while gaining self-confidence and resilience in the process.

  • Coachability

    Coachability is a fundamental skill needed for all sports, educational endeavors, and careers. Being able to take direction is a key part of learning and growing. In our classes, students learn to listen and take instruction.

  • Community

    As students overcome challenges together, support one another's progress, and share the thrill of mastering new movements, a bond of camaraderie develops. This collaborative and encouraging environment creates a shared passion for parkour, building lasting connections and friendships among the participants.

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Usual Drop-in Session: $30
Intro Class: $15
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What you get


  • 55 Minute Session
  • 7 or less students
  • Games in every class
  • Learn new skills

Once a week

$100 / month
  • 55 Minute Session
  • 7 or less students
  • Flexible Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my kids bring/wear?

Athletic clothing such as shorts, tshirt, sweats, and closed toe shoes with rubber soles.

Can we take a trial class?

Yes! We recommend to get started by signing up for a trial class if you’re unsure if it’ll be a good fit for your family. 

Kids age 6 we often will have do a hybrid approach for both our PreK and Youth Classes, in your trial session we’ll determine which is best for your little one!

Information and registration at

My kids don't like sports, will they like parkour?

It’s a familiar scenario – some students don’t connect with traditional sports and end up feeling uninspired, turning to excessive screen time at home. At Swift, parkour feels like a real-life video game! Without the daunting rules and expectations of conventional sports, kids and adults alike explore new ways of using their bodies, thriving as they climb, swing, flip, and more. Witness the blossoming love for play and movement in our students as you read testimonials from students in our gym. Come and see for yourself!

What happens in a typical class?

  1. Dynamic Warm-Up: Our warm ups consist of follow the leader, simon says, and other activities that help them practice their active listening skills.
  2. Skill Progressions: Our professional staff will setup a variety of stations and activities that include climbing, balancing, and more. These activities work to develop your child’s motor skills, strength, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities while also having fun.
  3. Courses & Games: Learn to safely explore, climb, and problem solve in our carefully crafted games for 4-6 year old kids.

Still have questions?

No problem! find out more about our intro Class

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Cincinnati, OH 45232

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Interest Groups


step vault


develop agility, balance, control, strength and fundamental techniques for Parkour. Jump, swing, climb, roll, and more!


Tricking is a challenging and dynamic form of athletic movement that emphasizes creativity and self-expression through the creation of unique combinations of tricks. It combines elements from martial arts, acrobatics, tumbling, and breakdancing elements. Recommended age 8+

will backflip


using mats, trampolines, spotting, and step-by-step progressions, kids kids learn how to front, back, and side flip to be able to integrate into creatively combining and expressing their tricks.

Open GYm

Use practice time to improve skills learned in classes, not for leisure or games. During open gym, complete skill card for level testing, use workout area, mini trampoline or EuroTramp, and tumble/trick on spring floor. Prior attendance required.


kids have a blast with games inspired by P.E. classes in school. take it up a notch in our obstacle course with games like infection tag, dodgeball, real life among us, and more.