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What is it?
The purpose of a jam/gathering is to bring together the community, parkour jams and tricking gatherings are open ways for practitioners to come and train around the city and just having fun with one another. Every year parkour practitioners of all skill levels from all around the country convene in Cincinnati. The event is a great opportunity to meet the greater parkour and tricking community, train with new athletes, train around the city, and have a TON of fun!
Where will it be?
Swift Movement Studio, Downtown Cincinnati, and University of Cincinnati, Mt Airy Forest
  • 4 competitions:
    • Chase Tag – hosted at Swift Saturday night
    • Tricking Battle – hosted at Swift Saturday night
    • Outdoor Skill Competition – at UC Saturday afternoon
    • Video clips competition – anywhere Friday and Saturday
  • Special guests from around the world
  • 3 days of Parkour and Tricking culture with the local and broader community, wholesome bonding, the sharing of priceless knowledge, & so much more.

Special Guests:

  • Dom Tomato
  • Joseph Rizzo
  • Steve Mccarty
  • Ethan Turner
  • Jacobi Burton
  • F808Z
  • Dante Cook
  • and more

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