Swift gives you the chance to be a kid again.

Experience the transformation at Swift, where students cultivate self-worth, athleticism, and community under the guidance of skilled instructors in Cincinnati's ONLY parkour and flips facility.​

Our goal is to make fitness FUN. If you're having fun, you'll get a better workout.

Run, jump, climb, hang, flip, swing, and learn how to use your full body!

What Swift Offers:

Fitness + Agility

Parkour encompasses a diverse array of movements that contribute to the enhancement of strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall fitness. Moreover, it extends beyond jumping over fences or buildings, encompassing everyday actions like slipping on ice, climbing a tree, or navigating through a crowd, which foster increased body awareness and agility applicable to all aspects of life. As you develop parkour skills, your increased body awareness and agility will positively impact various areas of your life.

Mindset Transformation

Parkour can aid in conquering physical challenges and obstacles, fostering greater confidence and self-esteem, while also leading to improved mental focus and concentration. As you train in parkour, you continuously develop the ability to overcome challenges you once thought impossible, witnessing personal growth with each achievement.


Parkour may not fall under the category of mainstream activities. While viral videos might have been your first introduction to Parkour, the heart of the community lies in its diverse members. Due to the personal nature of the parkour journey, the community warmly embraces newcomers, and at Swift Movement, you'll find a friendly and diverse group of like-minded individuals from various backgrounds. Embrace the casual atmosphere as you surround yourself with others who share the same drive for self-improvement.

Play Like A Kid Again

Parkour isn't just for kids! It's a chance for adults to unleash their inner playground enthusiast and rediscover the joy of playing. By bouncing off walls, vaulting over obstacles, and embracing their inner acrobat, adults can break free from the mundane and dive headfirst into a world where fun knows no bounds. So, put on your adventurous spirit and get ready to leap, jump, and roll your way back into the game of playfulness. It's time to parkour like nobody's watching and let the child within you run wild!

"Best place ever! I love it. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET IN SHAPE BY JUST HAVING FUN LIKE A KID, THIS IS THE PLACE. Great variety of classes, and amazing facilities. The teachers are fun, and welcoming. Suited for all levels and ages. The all- access membership is worth it, which includes parkour, acrobatics, yoga, acro-yoga, flexibility, aerials, conditioning, adult games, open gym time to jump around and more (check the schedule). Plus you will meet a lot of great and fun people!"
Diana L. -Swift Client


Parkour competitions showcase athletes’ abilities by navigating obstacles in SPEED, SKILL, STYLE, or CHASE TAG. Participating in these competitions allows for challenging oneself, setting goals, and learning within a supportive community.  Experience parkour for yourself and join the fun!

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Jams + Outdoor Meetups


From Spring to Fall we regularly have #CincinnatiParkour athletes and Swift Community members heading out around the city to do parkour!

We host 2 larger events each year, the Spring Leave No Trace jam in April, and Cincy Jam in October.

Potluck + Community Nights


At Swift Community is Key so we host monthly hangout events to get to know one another better. These are usually free or low cost events. 

Potlucks, Movie Nights, Dodgeball, Board Games, and more!

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Usual Drop-in Session: $30
Intro Class: $15
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