What is Parkour?

  • Parkour is a discipline and art of movement in which you train your body and mind to overcome obstacles.
  • Parkour invovles running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, swinging, and balancing.
  • Parkour focuses on constant self-improvement through training safely to improve agility, mobility, flexibility, fear, and strength.  
  • Parkour practitioners value community by sharing knowledge, helping each other, valuing the importance of play, and respecting everyone around and its environment. 
What is Parkour?

Parkour For Schools

Swift offers a variety of ways to work with your students because each school and each student has different needs.
Onsite or offsite

Onsite or offsite

We are able to provide activities for your students at Swift Movement Studio, at your school, at another facility, or outdoors at a park

Physical Education Classes

Physical Education Classes

We can provide experience, knowledge, and coaching services for P.E. programs to help students explore a fun way to be active

Everyone can do parkour

Parkour isn't about doing daredevil stunts or the biggest jumps possible, it's about self confidence, progression, and becoming a well-rounded individual who has a better appreciation for their environment and for what they are capable of.

After School Programs

We offer after school programs for clubs or extra curricular training. We provide classes to supplement physical education programs. Contact us by phone or email to learn more.

Summer Camps

Please review our page about Summer Camps

Guest speaking/performances for assemblies

Swift staff has years of experience and knowledge in learning body mechanics, the physics of movement, and about how to approach obstacles in our daily lives. We are also able to perform in events as a way to help inspire students to step out of their comfort zones and learn to progress safely in their own lives.

Team building

For clubs, sports, or other groups ... see team building link HERE

Parkour For Schools

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